Our Service Areas

At ESPM we deliver comprehensive care to active individuals; from youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes to recreational weekend warriors. Available services include:

The Regenokine Program

Ultrasound Guided Procedures

Portability, superior spatial resolution, low cost and the ability to guide procedures in real time has resulted in many new treatment options.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

In office point of care ultrasound helps treat and diagnose idividuals with musculoskeletal injuries.

Regenerative Medicine

Treatments to heal tissues and organs and restore function lost due to aging, disease, damage, or defects.

Osteopathic Manipulation

Hands-on techniques used by osteopathic physicians (DOs) to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness or injury.

Work Injuries

Injuries that occur on the job are most commonly accidents but may also involve improper ergonomics leading to sprains, strains, and repetitive stress disorders.

Medical Conditions In Active Populations

The most common conditions found in active populations, each diagnosed and treated by Dr. Pourcho.

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